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  1. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Thanks all! Eventually it would be fun to try something in silver. I do have a brass hex bar, but at 1" diameter I'm not sure I'm ready for that....
  2. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Having seen many posts on Instagram of copper forging, I decided to order a bar of copper from Amazon. I ended up with 60" of 1/2" square for only $26 shipped. Tonight I forged it since the weather wasn't too hot out... I started by cutting off 7 1/2" of the bar. The object I made is the Ouroboros, or the snake eating its own tail. It ended up 17 1/2" long after drawing out. I worked it hot when doing the taper. The textures on the 4 sides I just did with a chisel when it was going from dull red to black hot. It was really fun and I cant wait to use up the rest of the bar.
  3. Greetings... Long time Lurker... Finally made an account last night to post some bottle openers. I've been smithing about a year now. I spent a lot of time early on making tools and tongs (Kens Custom for now). Now I make lots of skull and troll cross pendants, runes, bottle openers, and other weird things. I always have people asking when I am going to make knives since they all think we all are just waiting to be on FIF. I've made a few blades, and a few forge welded hawks.. In time I want to make more of this stuff, but for now I enjoy more artistic things. Most of what I make I end up giving away, but do have a few people who I sell stuff to on a regular basis. Some of my work will also be at a Oddity and Curiosity expo in Chicago in a few weeks with a friend who needed something smaller to sell on his tables... His art is quite expensive I guess.. I look forward to spending more time picking through threads here... I also lurk on Reddit but don't post too often. My main outlet these days is my Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/olydemon/
  4. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Thank you! The tentacles I learned from a smith named Hanna Gutke through a YouTube video. . I'll post the video as here as her tutorial is pretty good and funny. Basic steps: Make taper, Mig weld dots, Punch dot centers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giS_d4nu9VM
  5. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Finally joined up to share some bottle openers I have made. I've been a long time lurker usually ending up here looking for info on forges and anvils. The damascus one was my first attempt with making my own layered stock. I used band saw blades and strapping. The texture didn't end up staying so I polished it again as seen in the shiny image and later heat tempered it to a rainbow pattern. I didn't have a great image of that, but could dig it up later. The weird bearded skull/tentacle one was made as a response to a challenge from a friend to make a "Skull with a tentacle". I ended up giving it to him as a gift. The last one was made out of 303SS and it cracked on me so I went with it and made an opener I think looks sorta like a crab claw. I have access to 1" round bar in 303ss, but It was such a pain to forge i may just let the stuff go to the recycler.