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  1. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    HAHA, didnt even think of that.... BTW. see you are in Oly too!
  2. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Thanks! They are fun to make.
  3. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Thanks. The jig is just for holding the stock so I can punch the suckers by hand. Works well. I adapted the simple angle iron piece I saw a fellow Instagram contact had posted. My work has V blocks for holding round stock for measurments that have a similar bolt hold down, so I just combined the ideas.
  4. olydemon

    Discoloured and pitted metal

    I use wire wheel brushes on hex posts (like for a drill motor) in my dinky craftsman drill press. Get them at lowes/home depot. They aren't as aggressive as a wire wheel on a bench/angle grinder and I don't get any wire projectiles lodged in my clothing....
  5. olydemon

    carbide cutter shank steel identification

    Or Rank beginner operators who hand edit code because they didn't want to go get a program update... This was the result of a tool # changing on the controller and a repost from my program called up the wrong tool and proceeding to rapid into a hole that was suppose to be there.... This is a seco flat bottom insertable drill that seems cast...
  6. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Worked up a new tentacle opener this weekend. The hooks on the end are a result of a failed round punch in too thin of material. I started over with a slitter that left me with more material but I decided to leave the failed nubs as a part of the look. Also pictured in the first shot are some Talon claws I like to make out of all the short round cuts you end up having sitting in the scrap bin... Here is another opener I gifted to a good friend. I did a non traditional end with a little tentacle wrap. This one was a ton of fun to make. First time using my sucker punching jig pictured. My test of function is always hooking a bottle and balancing it in the air. If it works I don't get a broken bottle and beer on my floor. So far none have failed.
  7. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Been cool seeing all the openers... Here are a few more I've made. Going through my phone (my camera) I realize I haven't made an opener in quite a while... may need to remedy that... It's finally cooling down here so maybe worth firing up the forge this weekend. Made from a chunk of 4140 shown to the left. Here are a couple made from some cool rebar that was in my shop when we bought the house in 2002. Some twisted variations... Some I have made from files. My first is still my favorite. (the shorter one in the middle of the group photo) And some weirder ones....
  8. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    I am familiar with the NWBA, Lurk on the website all the time, Haven't joined yet. I always seem to be busy when there are events happening. One of these days I will...
  9. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Thank you! Also see you are not far from me. Hope you are handling the heat... I'm certainly not...
  10. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Thought I would update this original post rather than start a new one. I forged some more of the copper bar into a few incense holders and a skull. I also made the original snake thing into a door knocker. here are some images linked from Imgur.. Door knocker: Forged a piece of random steel to the backing of he door knicker. I split the top end by hand, the other end I sorta cheated with the bandsaw. It was a really hot day and I wanted to just get it over with. I hid the cut seam ends with the curve of the snake. The copper clasp is just 1/4 tube smashed flat. I used some really old copper rivets I got from when my grandfather passed away around 1999, was really cool finally finding a use for them. Copper skull... I make these all the time from Mild steel... first time trying in copper.... Feather incense holder... I managed to melt the tip of something I was drawing out so Instead of a double ended curl (like my last piece to post) I ended up making it a feather and curling the end to hold the incense. Here I use about 8" of the 1/2 square bar to draw out a viking ship incense holder. This is what I was trying to make when I did the feather. This came out really cool.... raw stock: In process re-heating... The finished part in various views: some other images here that I didnt post... https://imgur.com/a/UpuhwZi
  11. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Thanks all! Eventually it would be fun to try something in silver. I do have a brass hex bar, but at 1" diameter I'm not sure I'm ready for that....
  12. olydemon

    First time forging copper.

    Having seen many posts on Instagram of copper forging, I decided to order a bar of copper from Amazon. I ended up with 60" of 1/2" square for only $26 shipped. Tonight I forged it since the weather wasn't too hot out... I started by cutting off 7 1/2" of the bar. The object I made is the Ouroboros, or the snake eating its own tail. It ended up 17 1/2" long after drawing out. I worked it hot when doing the taper. The textures on the 4 sides I just did with a chisel when it was going from dull red to black hot. It was really fun and I cant wait to use up the rest of the bar.
  13. Greetings... Long time Lurker... Finally made an account last night to post some bottle openers. I've been smithing about a year now. I spent a lot of time early on making tools and tongs (Kens Custom for now). Now I make lots of skull and troll cross pendants, runes, bottle openers, and other weird things. I always have people asking when I am going to make knives since they all think we all are just waiting to be on FIF. I've made a few blades, and a few forge welded hawks.. In time I want to make more of this stuff, but for now I enjoy more artistic things. Most of what I make I end up giving away, but do have a few people who I sell stuff to on a regular basis. Some of my work will also be at a Oddity and Curiosity expo in Chicago in a few weeks with a friend who needed something smaller to sell on his tables... His art is quite expensive I guess.. I look forward to spending more time picking through threads here... I also lurk on Reddit but don't post too often. My main outlet these days is my Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/olydemon/
  14. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Thank you! The tentacles I learned from a smith named Hanna Gutke through a YouTube video. . I'll post the video as here as her tutorial is pretty good and funny. Basic steps: Make taper, Mig weld dots, Punch dot centers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giS_d4nu9VM
  15. olydemon

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Finally joined up to share some bottle openers I have made. I've been a long time lurker usually ending up here looking for info on forges and anvils. The damascus one was my first attempt with making my own layered stock. I used band saw blades and strapping. The texture didn't end up staying so I polished it again as seen in the shiny image and later heat tempered it to a rainbow pattern. I didn't have a great image of that, but could dig it up later. The weird bearded skull/tentacle one was made as a response to a challenge from a friend to make a "Skull with a tentacle". I ended up giving it to him as a gift. The last one was made out of 303SS and it cracked on me so I went with it and made an opener I think looks sorta like a crab claw. I have access to 1" round bar in 303ss, but It was such a pain to forge i may just let the stuff go to the recycler.