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I Forge Iron

I use Coors Light as my quenching medium...

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I give blacksmithing demonstrations at a local museum.

It was once believed that Iron would harden if ...... by a little red headed boy. 

I have since learned this is not true and  have stopped using this method. 


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The red headed boys urine treatment was used in the middle to treat eye problems. It doesn't work.

Using urine for quenching is not advisable.  The odor of urine quenching a wood fire is truly vile. (or a piece of hot metal)

I suggest that you try water, brine, or oil for your quenching.


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Ah, you bring back memories of the sixth grade and the hiss and steam when boys would try to quench the steam radiator in the bathroom on a cold New England day. While I never contributed to the effort the attempts of others made even a brief excursion into the bathroom extremely unpleasant.

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10 hours ago, AggieBlacksmith said:

What tips/tricks/advice have you learned as a blacksmith and made your own? (anything from "I drizzle Yankee Candle wax over my coke so my forge smells good" to "Coors light is the best quenching medium")


Someone found a use for Coors?  Wait, that's even thinner than a water quench.  I wouldn't risk it.

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