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Evicted Water Spout Tenant Seeks New Home

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that reminds me when I was little and me and my little brother shared the upstairs ......... Heehee we had a grate in the floor we could look down and see what was going on in the front room as well as hear it. I had this huge rubber tarantula and fishing line. We were sent up stairs cause me mum had a tupperware party coming over. I was rather resentful and felt I should be allowed to stay down. It must of took us an hour of slowly squeezing the rubber parts a little at a time to fit that spider between the gratings...... Till eventually one of the ladies got up to speak, planting herself right dab and center under my web........ Ohhhhhhhh you should of heard the screams and the looks on their faces as I lowered that spider down towards her unsuspecting head, then the turn and the look up and the scream, and the face .............. It didn't last much past that. By the time our mum got upstairs, I was safely esconced in bed under the covers with the dog between me and the door. 

Oh I am staring at t little yellowish spider traversing my laptop as we speak. I enjoy the metal fabbed creatures, they inspire the imagination. Thank you for sharing it and reminding me of my youth.


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