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Anvil identification

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I've seen a few of those before in pictures. They aren't any particular name brand, and I highly suspect cast-iron ASO (not good). Not 100% sure on that one, though. Read up on ring and rebound testing to see what your looking for, and pass on it, if it doesn't measure up. In the third picture, I see what looks to me like dents in the face from someone taking a mill-face framing hammer to it. If this is true, then it is probably an ASO.


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Raised lettering = indicative of cast construction. 

Lack of pritchel hole/ pritchel larger than the hardy hole = indicates an ASO. 

A ring/ rebound test would confirm this one way or the other. 

The cast "USA" brand is a well known cast iron ASO type anvil. Better than no anvil at all but unless it's really cheap or free, personally I'd pass and keep looking. 


All the best 




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