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  1. howdy  Glenn   hope to be back to doing my classes  in Feb  Taking longer to get over  knee replacement surgery  than I  was hoping for    and hop to have  the new  books out  by  spring 


  2. I want to try forging the maple leaf from angle iron at our next club meeting.
  3. Got the first set of my books to the printer yesterdays fun forging 2 3 4 hope to have num 5 to the printer next week
  4. howdy  Glenn  this is  the BillEpps from mesquite Texas . not  my son from Calif

  5. this is old man Bill Epps not my son  Billy  C Epps  been away for a little while but back now  and getting back in the swing of things .

    1. SLAG


      SLAG,  here,

       I presume that you are the Bill Epps that posted so many great tutorials on Jock Dempsey's site ("I Forge How-To")?

      Welcome back! And welcome to I Forge Iron!

      If you are a newbie, I am a qumquat!

      Great to have you on board.


    2. Bill Epps
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