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Anvil I.D help...

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I have had this anvil for a couple years. It passed thru a scrap yard and was picked up as a freebe. I dont have any recourse books to help I.D it with. Heres some pics. barely any of the lettering is readable. I can make out a Co after an intial word across the top. Another word on the bottom seems to start with a "W"...
First off these "square holes" are present on the front and back..

A previous owner had welded on a "baseplate" for attaching to a stand I figure its there so Ill use it..

I cleaned the face a little the other day I just havent taken a belt sander to it yet.

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You might try rubbing the lettering area's with chalk to see if you can bring out more of the manufacturer's mark on it. I don't have the Anvils in America book yet but based on what I've seen from other posts it resembles a mousehole anvil. What is the weight on it? It looks like a well used but very servicable anvil to me.

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Looks like one of the Hay Budden anvils made for one of the hardware companies as detailed in Anvils In America, p.288-289

By those pics it looks like it the hardware company name (note what looks like "CO."), then "SOLID WROUGHT" (note the ".UGHT) then Warranted, similar to some of those pictured in the book.

Shape matches those in AIA for those also. That would date it late 1890's-early 1900's.

-aaron c.

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Been told that Hay Budden would have the number 4 on the underside of the tail, up close to the waist. Especially for the "unmarkered" HB. I have 2 HB and even though they are clearly marked Hay Budden they do have the #4 under them. I'm sure those with AIA can prove this as true or myth

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Pete; if it is an English anvil the O 3 5 would translate as 0x112 + 3x28 + 5 or 89 pounds in total. If it's an American anvil than that would be 35 pounds.

(The English system is Hundredweights, quarter hundredweights (and so can only be 0-3), and pounds (and so can only be 0-27)

So which one is it? A bathroom scale should tell you.

Lots of English anvils in America making trouble when folks don't know the different measuring system---though usually it's that they know the english one but don't know that american anvils didn't use it and so try selling you an anvil that they claim weighs more than it does. Exp a Hay Budden marked 1 1 1 may be claimed to be 141 pounds instead of 111 pounds.

AND NEVER, NEVER, A THOUSAND TIMES NEVER, TRUST THE WEIGHT THE SELLER CLAIMS if it's phrased "It must be at least 200 pounds" 99% of the time it will be way lower; 1% of the time it may be way over. The only true weight is a scaled weight!

Now when I was hunting a large anvil I got suckered into a lot of auctions where the "Giant", "Large" anvil was around 100# even after calling and talking to the auctioneer---who often based their sizees off the 9# bench anvils sold in hardware stores. What finally worked was asking how many people it took to move it. If they said 1 person it was a small anvil, 2 people a generally usable sized one, and if they laughed and said they used a forklift or front end loader to move it---I'd attend that auction. Though I got both of my large anvils not at auctions but just by talking to everyone I met about wanting one---and I lived in the city! Found a 515# anvil and a 407# anvil that way and cheap too.

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Something I don't see very often and forget to suggest is to take a rubbing of the lettering. Lay a piece of paper on it and rub using a soft pencil, charcoal, chalk, etc. different things work differently and may work better under some circumstances.

Anyway, good save, I hate to see old tools go to the scrappers myself.


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