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An ACETYLENE torch is not efficient for forging. The fuel costs are somewhat prohibitive. A LOT of heat would be wasted in the process. Also, there is a danger of the acetylene becoming unstable, due to release rate from the tank. Search the site, there has been a lot said about acetylene safety here.

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I'm gonna guess that your not all that old shaun. I'm pretty new to the metalworking world too, but let me pass out a bit of advice to make it easier on you to get started.

READ EVERYTHING: if you read a lot (and you can find gobs of info on the net) you won't have to ask a question of someone everytime you have an idea. I spent almost a year reading before I started acutally forging anything that looked decent.

Don't Rush into it. This isn't a fly by night hobbby, take your time and spend your limited resources on the right items. I still regret the 200+ dollars I dumped into the first forge I made. It was badly thought out and badly designed. Take your time, You don't need the best, but you do need something that works properly.

If you want to forge knives/swords first learn how to forge the basics. I'm doing tapers and scrolls and simple things like that. I'm working my way up to doing leaves. Good knives are a lot more difficult then you'd think(and take a LOT more in tools)

I hope you get interested and stick with it. It's a great hobby(or profession). it will keep you outta all kinda of trouble and give you lots of scars to talk about. and stories about things you've set on fire...and....

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