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50lb little giant dies

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I have forged dovetails top and bottom with threaded receiver holes for quick change dies. Make whatever die necessary or desired and weld it to a drilled plate.

The big trick was getting the dovetails right so they wouldn't loosen up in use, just like any dovetail  hammer die. I only had to do it once though.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I've had custom  dies made by the folks at Little Giant and some big flat dies for my 200# hammer made by Bob Bergman at Postville Blacksmith Shop.

These were all machined from 4140 and heat treated by them and have stood up well.

I thought that the cost was reasonable and all it took was the time for a phone call and email and they showed up by UPS a week or so later.

Whether it's more cost/time effective to make them yourself  or to buy them from someone else depends on the capacity of your shop to forge  or machine and heat treat a big chunk  of  tough and relatively expensive material .

In either case you will have to spend some time accurately measuring the dovetails on your hammer and some time fitting the dies and die keys so that they stay tight.

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I had him make me a custom quick change for my Murray. Then once you get it, you will need to take measurements so he can make you proper keys, that you will then have to custom fit with prussian blue/magic marker/dykem.


Its a little tedious but worth it in the end. I had him make me like 6 or 7 custom keys for various dies.

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