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  1. Ric - Yea, I saw that. I like it a lot gazz - I did a residency with albert and I was just visiting him last week actually. Jesse james bought his twister in which he used an elevator motor for zip - I was there last week and they still dont know exactly what's going on. Everything is still up in the air from what I was told. I'm not sure why some of you assume I want to twist 2 inch square cold. I never stated that. I also didnt state that I would do it hot, so I apologize. I dont really need a twisting machine, but I've been seeing a lot of motors around places lately.
  2. Has anyone built a motorized twisting machine? I'm considering building one, but I'm not well versed in what motor kr motor/gearbox combo I would need. I'd like it to be able to twist up to 2 inch square.
  3. Hey everyone, Im looking for people who make dies for my 50lb little giant. I'm also wondering if it is cheaper to have them made than buy them. Any thoughts, suggestions? I know of the littlegianthammer.com site, but also just browsing around.
  4. Thank you all so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it. I am looking into my site, prices, and markets a lot deeper and with more precision. I am taking all of your opinions into account and making adjustments where they need to be made! Thank you all!
  5. Thanks for the compliments! I have done gates and railings, but that is not really my thing. I do that stuff for people located close to me, but not for Pittsburgh or any major populated area around. When I did try to compete, I get blown out by custom railing companies around the greater metropolis area. Basically, some blacksmiths got together with some welders a while back and pretty much have a lock on the railing market because they set their shop up to do just that and only that. I mean, I've only been in business for 2 years. I don't feel like that is enough time to be established in an
  6. Yes, I went to a jury session for my sculptures and I was told that they wanted me but my sculptures weren't kid friendly. I can understand that, but when they said that my sculptures would be placed on the floor, I decided the fine art section wasn't a go. My juror told me to make hooks and he would jury me in. However, they have new rules that were brought to our attention only after we showed up for the session. These rules include only purchasing a maximum of $250 dollars worth of product, and they want a strict 50$ off your retail. They want items such as bottle openers and hooks, and tha
  7. Social media is a must these days, and the icon links on my website will take you straight there. I will have to look into a trip to SOFA. I hadn't thought of that so thanks for the tip! I definitely love making tools, and I'm currently thinking on offering some classes around here as there is not much in WV for classes where I'm at. I'm asking for opinions on it all and what has worked for people in the past. My website is posted in my profile.
  8. I've been promoting, and I've been marketing. No business except for selling a few hammers on Ebay. I have been forging full time for 2 1/2 years and still have yet to find a bread and butter product to keep the studio rolling when things are slow. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get more traffic to my website, a bread and butter item, or marketing in general? I really love making hammers and tools, and I would really like to get into that market. It seems that the market for forged hammers and tools is pretty good, one just has to get in.
  9. I have been wondering if it is H13 ever since I had it delivered. I ordered it from my steel supplier. It wasn't a previous tool or scrap. I ordered two pieces of stock. I also have had some deformation after I have went through heat treating and then used it. I forge it and once I've got the desired shape for my tool, I heat it up to yellow and let it air quench in my vise. My file will still bite it at that point and then I temper it to a dull red in my shadow and quench in water. Sometimes it comes out tough and the file gives me a glass like resistance. However, with my slitting chis
  10. I have been using h13 to make some slitting chisels and punches. I know that I'm supposed to forge it at a yellow heat, but the past couple of times it has cracked and broken off right behind the yellow. I am only working with 1/2" round. Also, I was wondering if anyone has made center punches out of it. I would like to know how to make sure it doesn't break off while forging and all of that stuff. Thanks!
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