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Soderfos stamp meanings

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I've had a theory for a few years now, after examining and collecting thousands of anvils stamp pictures. 

With Soderfors I kept seeing numbers below the year.  I started keeping track of those numbers, and which ones appeared.  They were always one through twelve, never higher than thirteen.  I still have never seen one higher than 13.  I believe the number being placed that close to the year stamp, and always being 1 through 12, this was the month stamp of the associated year.

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4 minutes ago, Black Frog said:

While Soderfors didn't have serial numbers,  a month stamp would at least give them an indication of production timeframes after the fact if there ever was a problem with a certain batch of steel or raw iron ore.

My Soderfors has a number that could well be a serial number....can't see how it could possibly be a date.  Everyone who sees this beauty tries to buy it, but she's mine, mine, mine all mine.








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5 minutes ago, Black Frog said:

Correct, that's an old style stamp. Sometimes you see numbers like that sporadically, could very well be a serial number. But they were not serialized like American manufacturers through their entire production history.

That makes sense...could be something else entirely as well.  Is there any documentation or idea when they changed to the newer stamp style?  I have it mounted on a nice fabricated steel stand and my search for the perfect smaller anvil is probably over.

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I was mainly addressing the perception that nothing changed on an anvil once it left the factory. I don't have enough data to remark on the number so stamped.

I have a Powe(ll) that I got that I may stamp Powers as you can't see the last 2 characters. Richard Postman identified it for me and as it's missing the heel I have no compunction in modifying it.

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