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I plan on making my own tools (sorry guys back with another question)


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  Sorry guys back again with another question.  This time how ever about tools.  As everybody has said I've decided to nix the idea of crafting knives from re bar.  I will be outsourcing some old box wrenches that I have and that I can pick up for like a buck a piece at the local pawn shop here.  So with that being said I do still want to make my own tongs and make my own fire rake.  Now as stated I do still have a few pieces of re bar that I was going to use to practice knife making.  But those plans have changed.  But there is enough metal there to make my tools.  Now would that be a wise idea to use the re bar to make my tongs and rake with since it is pretty much round stock anyway.  Even though it is a mix match of metals.  Well if this is a good or bad idea please comment below and thank you in advance.  Yes I understand I am a pain in the butt.  But at least I can admit it.

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I made my rake out of rebar years ago as a beginner project, and I still use it. Tongs probably not so much- lotsa work to get the ridges down so they don't shred your hands. Lots to read in the tong section, so read it. They aren't a beginner project. As far as the wrenches, medium carbon steel should work for drifts and things. Just be sure not to work plated steel (chrome)- it'll kill you. If it rusts you can trust.


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Yes on the fire rake from the rebar. That is certainly ok. 

Tho tongs can be made from rebar it is far from ideal. If you care to try, go for it. 

As steve said, if the wrenches are chromed just forget it. Not worth the risk. 

If you want to make punches and chisels your best cheap/ free stock is again coil spring. ( do remember that any on a strut have an insane amount of energy to be released and should be "properly" disassembled with either the proper tools or by a professional. Coil spring makes many great tools, as does torsion bars, axle shafts and leaf spring. All can be found abundant and should be cheap or free. 

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What @Daswulf said. 

Tongs are not a beginner project, at least not in their classic form. However, they are critical for a beginner to use: holding your workpieces securely is arguably even more important than how you heat it, what you hit it with, and what you hit it on. 

If you don't have the bucks to shell out for a starter set of tongs (wolf-jaw tongs are a good option) from one of the commercial suppliers (e.g., Centaur, Pieh, Blacksmith's Depot/Kayne & Sons), consider one of the places that sells pre-cut tong blanks that just need some riveting and fitting.

If you're really desperate, take a look at my own bed rail tongs.

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When I first took a smithing class the first day we made some J hooks, the second a poker and the 3rd day tongs so I don't rule out tongs as a beginner project.

Check out the North West Blacksmith Association, which is in your area and attend their monthly meetings.  You will learn a lot there, meet other smiths and get plenty of help and advise. 

Let me know if I can help you.


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