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hammer punch heat treat

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On 3/19/2018 at 9:29 AM, MotoMike said:

Thomas Powers, can you direct me to a pic of heat treaters tongs?


I'm glad you posted this. I did a quick Google for heat treaters tongs. I'm not sure now what Thomas Powers was asking about.

my description above was for controlling the color run when tempering. Mine have a large mass attached to the tong jaws. I heat this mass and use it as a heat reservoir to add heat to the spine(or where and however) to speed up the color run. 

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I'll check to see which house they are at.  Basically a set of tongs with bars welded to them crossways (You can make them from worn out pull-offs or nippers some mild steel bars and a welder too)

You heat up the bars and grab the spine of a blade with them and let the heat transfer. Very nice for differential tempering. (There is a variation for double edged blades that you grab the center ridge with...)

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