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"How To" Forge Lip/Hoop Tongs (single split) Non Welded Tong series #1


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This is the latest "How to" Video on Non welded tongs..  There will be at this point a series of 3 videos each with a slightly different twist or skill set  for each set forged..   The 1st of the series is the hoop/lip tong, the 2nd in the series is flat jaw. the 3rd in the series will be bolt or hollow jaw..  

For the most part forging is minimized but skill sets with hot chisels, uniform forging when done, and hot punching and rivet making.   

There might be a follow up with a non welded rein tong set with drawn handles but feel this has been covered by so many other smiths to good merit that I might not spend the time..  

I edited the video and gave it a fast watch through. But find there are always mistakes on the first solid edit..  If you guys find any let me know..  Thanks 

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Oh my word! It never showed any angles other than the hands. And I have to admit, I was a little bit jealous of the clear skin and lack of hair compared to my ugly stubs, so I feel a little bit better about that now! @jlpservicesinc, please accept my apology for falling into a stereotype. Man, woman, blue, white, extraterrestrial, or whatever, I was completely focused on the metal and the process. Thank you @Shady McGrady for correcting my blunder. SHE can absolutely move metal. I have watched the video a couple of times and will be attempting to recreate the process. I doubt I will get anywhere close to her results, but I will give it a whirl.

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No problem at all @DaveF...  I've worked in the world long enough in tough trades to find no offense in your comment..  Some could say, " It's a badge of honor".. 

I really don't take offense at all and it just rolls off..  I'm neither petite, nor small boned and have worked with my hands for 40 years so I have mits for hands also..  Just broke a knuckle 3weeks ago so the hand or knuckles are even bigger now.. ;) 

 Once enough of the videos are watched most usually figure it out.. LOL.. Of course the nail paint may confuse a few and it just raises more interesting conversations..

Please enjoy the videos and please post up any questions you may have..   I am more than willing to help.. 

@Shady McGrady Thanks for clarifying.. :) 


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12 hours ago, DavidF said:

Thank you

You're welcome David. I totally agree, experience, knowledge,  and skill are what counts. And she certainly possesses these..

11 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

 Thanks for clarifying.. :) 


No worries Jennifer!  I also really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and help. Your excellent videos and posts here have helped me so much. :)

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