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New Fly Press


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New to me as I only picked it up on Friday.

John Heine model 86 A S, 915mm/3' throat, 250mm/10" stroke. The whole thing is nearly five and a half feet tall and a quick google seems to show it has a six ton rating. Now all I have to do is work out where to mount it up and make some tooling for it.



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Greetings Farmweld,

          Looks like a slick unit.  Judging by the travel you will have to build a tooling table for your floor mounted unit.  You might consider a hydraulic table design for easy access to the tooling.  I have had a P6 for years and a Tons of tooling and still am developing new things to do with the press.  Have at least 6 tons of fun. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 



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 Interesting press with such a tall frame. This opens up some interesting options not usually possible with other presses . 

It seems like the best thing is to fabricate  a heavy table to bring  the work up higher,but still be readily removable for tall jobs.

I make all my tooling where  the combined height of the bottom and top tools  has the ram fully supported by the guides throughout the entire stroke at the heaviest load.


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I have to wonder what that press was designed for in the first place.  With only a few inches of supported travel, that's a ton of room underneath the ram for the workpiece.  It had to have some kind of specific industrial purpose.

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