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Not sure if the photo will show up correctly as I'm used to photobucket and that doesn't work any longer.  Here is my latest little experiment.  1084, full tang, paper micarta and G-10 scales, nickel domed pins.  Not intended to be a kerambit, but was based on an old paring knife my father had in his cutlery drawer and I always admired.  Forged in integral guard and punched and drifted hole.  Fun little project, now my wife wants a set...

paring knife small.jpg

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.  Really appreciated.  Can already see one aesthetic change that I will try on the next one to make the front of the scales blend better with the integral guard. 

Now the difficulty will be scaling it all up without ruining the proportions to make a full set of Kitchen knives.  I do love paring knives though.  Working on a small scale like that lets you quickly try out different ideas without getting bogged down with a lot of grinding and finishing.

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The paper micarta is lovely stuff, even nicer than the photo.  In person it has a warm off-white-tan color with a little bit of grain on the surface and multiple grain lines on the edges.  Kind of looks like old ivory, which is just what I was hoping for.  Only drawback is that sanding it is kind of nasty.  I need to work on some kind of a dust collection system...

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