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I’m getting Coal for Christmas?


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I took my in laws to the store and handed them a pair of hammers that I wanted. The father in law is super opinionated and probably would have bought hammers with integrated metal handles otherwise, I shudder at the thought.

Wish I had everything up and running this year, I'd be making all sorts of metal gifts, but alas I don't.

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Books; and I supply a list of titles.  Having folks buy tools for you when they don't know the market or the tools can make for a very sad Christmas...

"Why thank-you dear for this tool I can't use that you overpaid by a FACTOR of 10 and blew the tool budget for the next 6 months on!"

My wife and I made a deal when we first married: I wouldn't spend a bunch of money on stuff for her hobby WITHOUT having her check it out and she wouldn't spend a bunch of money on stuff for my hobby without having me vet it first.  (our limit is usually $20 and after 33 1/3 years of marriage we pretty much know when to call the other and say "I've found XYZ do you want to come look at it?")

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So I asked for hammers, I was very specific. Made some bottle openers for my sons and brother-in-law, corkscrews for my sister-in-law and mother/in-law. The wife already wrapped the bottle openers before I could get a picture. 


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20 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Could you make one of those horns a corkscrew?  (or one a left handed corkscrew and the other a right handed corkscrew?)

That's a possibility. I have no doubt that the metal is hard enough, or tough enough to withstand a good twist. More ideas to think about!!

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