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Columbians are great quality cast steel anvils. Whether or not it's worth $150 though is your decision. I don't think it's a bad price, but again, how badly do you want a 44 lb anvil? It's kind of a weird size where it is almost too smal for blacksmithing, and really big for jewelry. Not that it couldn't do both, though. And to a collector, if it's rare, it could be worth an insane amount to them. 

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As a 10# sledgehammer head is big enough to smith on, a 44# isn’t to small. It will make a great traveling anvil and or anvil for small fry.  As a new 20# sledge costs

$58 in my neck of the woods and you will have just about the same mass under the hammer plus a horn, heel, pritchel and hardy... 

i just beat the snot out of a pick head and drove a pin threw the eye on my 70# farriers anvil on a light tripod.  That anvil is plenty big for 2# hammer (4# for a sledge) I honestly could shoe on that anvil 90% of the time

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