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Anvil for a beginner

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Am looking to get a small forge started up and am looking to get an anvil. 

I have a piece of railroad track to use for a while but have been looking for something with a little more weight. 

I know the old anvil can get pricy so for something to start with i have been looking at getting one from grizzly tools. It weighs 55 lb or harbor freight also has one that is the same weight for the same price. 

I know you get what you pay for but for starters I don't want to spend a ton yet 

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We call the cast iron HF ones "Anvil Shaped Objects"; you can pay US$65 for a piece of cast iron; but I've bought a bunch of 80 pound STEEL chunks to use as an anvil for $16 a piece at my local scrapyard and they will last your entire life of smiting!

 "I  know you get what you pay for but for starters I don't want to spend a ton yet" well  "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so". Mark Twain


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Luke D, maybe you should just use that railroad track until you can make some things to sell.  Then save your money because even a so-so real anvil is better than an ASO.  You are a player in the decent anvil game at $200-$300.  You aren't going to get the best of the best, but what you need is something with a good face, horn, and hardie / pritchel holes.  Once you forge on something with good rebound you'll be glad you didn't get the HF or Grizzley.  Tuck that $50 away in an envelope and mark it "Anvil Fund" and save.  

It doesn't have to cost a lot to start forging.  Sounds like you have the piece of track, now you need a heat source, a couple pair of tongs, and a decent hammer or two.  All that's not much of an investment.  But, if you are serious about starting a forge, you must be serious about investing in the right tools if you ever hope to realize that dream of owning the forge business or hobby.

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Seriously, read up on the improvised anvils.  I found it to be uplifting to find out just what you can do with very little.  A big block of mild steel or A36 will do wonders.  A big old sledge hammer head set in a log is plenty.  Get to work on the cheap, keep that envelope filling up with “anvil fund” change and you will have your choice in no time.  Just keep your eye out and be vigilant.  I checked Craigslist religiously until I found mine and got in the truck immediately..  Trust the guys who already posted...they have forgotten more than I know.  I just wanted to chime in with a new guy’s perspective.

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