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Twisted Damascus Short Sword with Cyprian Olive Wood


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Twisted low layer 1095 and 15n20 blade, forged to shape with integral guard and pommel. I had to forge weld on a little more from another billet so the guard has some funky stuff going on.

Cyprian olive wood stabilized with blue resin in cracks. This is the wood I brought back from Cyprus a LOOOOOONG time ago in this post https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/41849-cyprian-kopis/?tab=comments#comment-428465 hoping to use it on a Kopis... ended up going on this short sword instead.

Medallions are 3D printed cast brass and have the Nazz logo in the center. Leather sheath by Justin Kirck. 

Let me know what yall think!




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Lovely to look at; how are the blade harmonics?  Personally I would prefer a bit more swell in the pommel for a using blade, the logo looks like a good grip enhancer; but harder to clean after use. (I have an openwork wedding ring that requires cleaning after a messy task...)  And of course:----whats the total weight?

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