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I Forge Iron

Anyone near me (South Shore, MA)?

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I'm new to smithing, but I've got the bug bad. 

 joined NEB, but since there's no discussion forum or much means of communication through the website, I figure I'll post here. 

I just purchased a table (railroad?) forge, anvil, basic tools, and some coal, but haven't had a chance to fire it up yet. Hoping this coming weekend. 

Anyway, I live in Pembroke, just north of Plymouth and was wondering who might be in my area to meet up with, have a beer, talk shop, etc. (I'm a home brewer that actually makes really good beer, not your average homemade swill, and I'm happy to share). 


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Welcome to Glenn's international block party (it out grew is front porch).

i imagin some one is in your area, and with the offer of (good) beer they could be encorage to make an appearance. 

Min the mean time read the stickies on solid fuel forge fire management, anvil and forge hight, shop layout hammer dressing and light a fire and bash steel. Then poor beer and show us your fist attempt. 

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Welcome Cavpilot to NEBs, a real friendly group but spread over a 6 state region. 

There is a monthly meeting/get together at a Mus. in RI that is listed on NEB's website.  I have not been, too far for me for a days outing,  I have met some of the people and nice folks.

Keep an eye on postings here as I know there is an active blacksmith from Rutland Mass  who might give you some others in your area. 

See if you can find a class somewhere, great leg up and a better place to meet people of the same interest. 




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Thanks, I'll look for the RI meets. Almost anywhere in RI is within 1.5 hours of me. Not exactly a quick jaunt, but manageable most of the time. 

There is a teaching forge in Waltham (Prospect Hill Forge) that is great - I've taken a few classes there, but the classes fill up so fast and far in advance that it's tough to get in. That's one of the reasons I went ahead and got my own setup. I still plan to take classes though. Self-teaching is fine, but classes will keep me from plateauing. 

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there a few near the south shore. I am in attleboro for the time being, getting ready to buy a place out there. right now half of my shop is in new York the other half is in mass. jplservice is in rutland mass. she does some really nice work and is putting out some instructional videos. arftist is in the taunton area for now. I haven't met either one of the mentioned folks yet but they are on my list.

I have gotten involved with the historical society in freetown, mass and we are working on having a hammer-in this coming spring. end of april or into may.

I know where Pembroke is tho I haven't been there in 20 years or so.


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Hi everyone,

Sounds like there is a get together in Foster, RI tomorrow.  

This came over the NEB email list Thursday.  Hope it's not too late for you southerners to make it!  If you are not on the NEB email list and would like to be drop me a line and I'll get you in contact with the manager.  



Just a friendly reminder,  there is a meeting this Sunday in foster, RI. Starts at 11 and goes too about 2. We are going to be forging and getting this antique shop up and running again. Might even have a friendly competition and a door prize,  if we get enough people. 

Call me at 401-484-1749 If you are able to make it. 

On Sep 20, 2017 9:36 AM, "Russ Jennings" <russ.jennings@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,

We had a good little meetup at the Red Rock Farm in Foster RI, and we're headed out again this Sunday to finish up. We're hoping to have a working forge by lunchtime. Our host is providing burgers and snacks, and we'd love to have a few more people show up.

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