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This my first attempt at a puukko.

Heat treated 01 steel blade, 5mm and 5inches long. Overall length 10inches.

Walnut and stabilized spalted beech handle with 3mm stainless guard and cap. 1.5mm stainless spacers.

Critique welcome.

Thank you for taking a peek.






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1 hour ago, templehound said:

There You go!...You trying different styles, thats good...and this looks like a reasonable field companion with good old school  "forest, field and meadow - steel" as the O1 is often nicknamed in Germany.

Very well done!

Thank you very much, that means a lot to me. Yes, been trying out lots of styles I told you I'd have to do a puukko after seeing yours!

1 hour ago, Latticino said:

Certainly reads like a pukko to me.  Nice clean job.  Now you just need to do a traditional style sheath.

Thank you very much, yes the sheath is a the forefront of my mind. I'll have to look into it first!!

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  • 3 months later...

Eventually got round to making a sheath for the puukko.

This was my first attempt at leather work/sheath. I did the wooden insert out of accoya wood which is a treated wood that is rot resistant (not that it will get wet much, just had it laying around) and then wet formed the buffalo leather sheath around the insert and knife. Once dry I stitched and waxed the leather. Also put a brass eyelet for a lanyard.

Learning curve for me but pretty happy with it.




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