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Bending bar


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Glad you like it.

It works. I tried it.

As to using my idea, let's face it I am probably using somebody else's idea. That is what we do when we keep in touch : we see the good, the bad, the ugly. I am glad that you see the good in this tool. 

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Neat idea. I've made a couple of scrolling wrenches, and I think I'll give this a try. One idea, though (that I'll let you know if it works), is to make the main part of the tool from rectangular stock with the right-angle bend done the hard way; that will require a longer tenon on the inner piece, which will give more resistance to bending.

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I planned on forging one from round 5/8" for stock up to 11/16". I'll wait for your experiment.

As for the resistance, I bent 5/16" cold with it to try. It was fine. With hot stock I do not think that the tenon would give. But as I said, I'll wait.


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Very nice design.  I'm always looking for unique ways to incorporate different techniques into a project just to keep things fresh.

The last fork I made, i used tenoned lugs like you did and it's holding up very well.  No looseness at all, and I've used it to bend about 100 5/8" railroad spikes into hooks.  I wouldn't worry at all about a peened tenon working loose over the ages.   Initially, I just peened them to hold everything in place while I welded them permanently, but the things are rock solid and I've never seen the need to weld them.


I need a fork for some smaller stock, so you can expect your notion to be borrowed!  Thank you for the inspiring design!


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Greetings All, 

      I have a bunch of bending forks but have a few favorites that are easy to make.  The big one is 3/4 stock with 3/4 round bar offset on opposing sides for heavy duty jobs. The others are straight on forks from 1/2 and 3/8 round bar.  The 3/8 one slides through the 1/2 for leverage. The straight on ones are great for adjusting scrolls and elements in a gate fence or fireplace screen., Have fun 

Forge on and make beautiful things 



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