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Quench tank cover?

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Have just mounted a 120 mm mortar can (with base, 2" X 2" X 3"), but it's in bad need of a cover to hide it (says my wife).  Suggestions?  Should be no more than 3' 6" tall, at least 2' X 2' square with a removable lid (or one that swings back and down to avoid fire).  I'm thinking about a large wooden garden storage box or a large pot.  Will sit outside (in Oregon, where it does rain).  Any ideas?  Thanks



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By cover you mean out of sight. Yes? I assume the can size you posted, 2" x 2" x 3" is a typo and it should read in feet rather than inches. Yes? For cosmetics and keep it dry I'm thinking almost anything that fits the landscaping, house garage, etc. architecture, etc. would work. Just for the purpose of discussion say something that fits in with the landscaping. You can buy light weight house siding to look like: river rock, stacked field stone, brick adobe, etc. Heck gingerbread.   A simple steel frame that sits on a steel pan spill containment base, the sides hang from the frame, say a lip on the top , lastly a top that covers it all and prevents the sides from coming off accidentally say in a wind. The cap would need to be pinned latched, etc. but that's easy.

It'd be about the same as a small wooden garden shed, I'd just make whatever you do so it comes completely off the oil in case of fire. A lid for the tank to snuff any fire of course but boil overs happen and you want to keep extra fuel out of the equation. 

I know that's all pretty vague but the possibilities are pretty wide open, once I had a safe design what it looked like would be up to Deb or I'd never hear the end of it.  Happy wife, happy life. Yes? :wub:

Frosty The Lucky.


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A tastefully forged table top lid and a couple of garden seats.....that should keep herself happy! And if you've been using it, it'll keep both your mug of drinking chocolate and your feet warm on those Autumnal evenings!:rolleyes:

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