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Lost or forgotten then found

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I have been cleaning years of stuff out of the smithy.

I found an old fiberglass dog house outside that I had built for my big dog. It's about the size of a 55 gal drum and would hold all the lump charcoal that has been stacked against one wall.  The mice and pack rats had torn open some of the sacks.

When I got down to the bottom of the sacks I found an unopened 50lb box of Blacksmith Coal that I had bought from Kayne & Sons in 2000 for $8.50. It was a real surprise because I had joined the BOA in the meantime and bought coal there and forgot about that box of coal buried under the charcoal.

It was a hoot looking through the flyer that was included and comparing prices with now. A 110 lb Big Blu was $3995 NC gas forges from $309 to $482. Those were the days (I guess).

Anyone else have stories about "lost & found"?

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My key and fob for the 2011 Silverado pickup truck, tore the place apart looking but no joy. A replacement cut and programmed cost just under $200.00! 

Got it home and I gave Deb's key back as it was the one I was carrying. She put it in her purse and found hers. SHE lost track of her key the one in my pocket was mine! We thought she'd taken her key and fob off her massively over loaded ring of stuff when I lost mine. But I didn't, we just ASSUMED I did!


Frosty The Lucky.

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The only time I find things I've lost is when I give up and often when looking for something else.  

My old suburban doesn't take a key anymore. Had some troubles a while back and I disconnected the ingnition rod from the steering column.  Just pull on the rod and she starts up. Well on day I forgot and ended up spinning the key thing to lock. Steering wheel locked up!  I thought I had thrown the keys in the center console but could not find them. I'm in the middle of the driveway to one of my new turkey hunting property's and no one can come or go till I move. So I grab the wheel with all I got and snap the steering lock!  I get home and notice the keys in my cup holder!  Poor old truck has just been beat to death.... By me :(

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Actually lost track of one of the very first wall hooks I made.  This was back in the day when I was trying to be "artistic" but didn't have a lick of sense.  Turns out, I had nailed it to the wall beside the bathroom to hang a candle holder for when the power goes out.  Dark hallway, shadows, never actually using that candle holder when the power goes out..... I totally forgot it was there until a few weeks back when I turned the hallway light on to better search for something else I had misplaced.

Imagine my surprise!

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18 hours ago, JHCC said:

My old coworker Ed was firmly of the opinion that the longer and harder you looked for something, the greater the chance that you would find it just after asking someone else if they'd seen it. 

This is true!

Mine is.......Im of the firm believe that a broken machine will be fixed just  as a coworker gets back with the tool you sent him to get.    Its like clockwork at the mill.  

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