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For a hydraulic press you only need to support the weight there shouldn't ever be impact forces like under a large power hammer. Not knowing where you are I can't talk about code requirements. In general though, a well prepared base under a steel reinforced 4" slab will fill most non industrial requirements. 

An isolated foundation will need to be thicker and better founded to prevent it shifting, especially if ground water or seasonal frost is a factor. For stability wider is better than thicker.

If you can be more specific about your location, code requirements, soils type, ground water and seasonal conditions I can be more specific.

Frosty The Lucky.

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27 minutes ago, the iron dwarf said:

my hydraulic forging press either fits on a removable post made to take stake tools or will sit on the anvil, working anything long that is going to be bent and it is normally on the post so it cant tip over

Do you still sell these?


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