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  1. 1) I squeaked by in English, and didn't learn grammar or anything in school, so its a constant effort as an adult to not be an idiot. Had you said nothing I would have carried on thinking its all good. 2) I quit janitor work last year because I could go it alone. Since all my savings and livelihood went into my forge last few years. The earth made a move in my favour. I get this opportunity to work a ideal job at a forge down the road, doing historical period reproductions. 3) You gotta get instagram! it can be used solely for blacksmiths, or deep sea diving doesn't matter you decide
  2. I read through the thread. I wanted to show up in a Ferrari but now I understand to roll up with a Tesla, double the trunk space. You feel me? This cost analysis is something I am interested in working on and has been something I put thought towards but having read Intelligent Investor, and Capital, Mastery. That is what I want to do and will try to publicize it by knowing it is solid and a potential utility. I also saw the fancy 400 lb anvil idea, and yeah once you do that you are working for the anvil instead of what ever other reason, its good that mine was an aesthetic cho
  3. Howdy, you would not mind conversing about books for the sake of it. I tried a half dozen books before finding what ~.I.~ *NEED*. I buy books, I collect them, and have no problem spending any amount on books; I have many, because I found my passion for reading and higher learning later in my youth. -I attended HSAD 4 month 'intensive' they recommended only one, New edge of the anvil. The reference material in the back of that book is concentrated and useful. This book is brutally slow for content to the size of the book and it won't advance you without * application of the
  4. Opposite problem here I have approximately a 50 gallon drum full of sheet offcuts all sizes from strips to 12x12 squares. I need it organized is there a convenient way to keep this stuff all sorted out?
  5. It's improbable but I've went ahead, bought a few guide books into the Minoan culture see if I can compare these artistic forms to the metal. I've also been considering asking the guys that sold it.
  6. I clicked onto a GS tongs video where he's showing drifts of air hardening steel he took round and ground it, machined it too. I've got a pile of 4140 stock that I intend to become top tools a drift could work. 1215 isn't any use in our forging tools right? I have that stuff in 1.25" round So I see there are also two very sizeable pieces of mystery steel in my shop that I know is alloy or tool steel, so the trick will be to cut it hardness test these, and all that, their written markings would need an experienced metal worker to identify. Have a look at the writing the green on
  7. I didn't say specifically fly press either. I was hoping for feedback on the use of 1" round S7 and W1. hand chisels yeah, handled struck tools much better. I figured out on my own what to do already for gosh sakes why can't I get a suggestion for the steels proper use. I have plenty of 1/2" W1 and down to 3/16ths, good for engraving chisels, good for cold work and others, you can forge W1. S7 do you take it and grind the tool face onto one side since it's so hard is there a tool that comes readily into form out of S7 taking into consideration how rigid it is. I figured a press
  8. JamesJimiyG

    press base

    Since this is a lot about bases, any tips for a poured concrete base? My shops small and we don't have a welder. My No.5 press. Make a template of the base for proper threaded bolt placement in the concrete. any tips for concrete base?
  9. Okay you found holes in my story, they sold it as S7, it's most likely not 17-4ph, if it is W1 you can't easily get 1" rounds. That would mean it's worth it. S7 find anyone selling one for anything, 30 Canadian paso not t bad Let us assume it is s7 I HAVE A FLY PRESS i need to have a 1" round section perfect to go up in the ram, would a press driven drift or something be a good use of the steel? I guess I could cut lengths and make s7machinist hammers
  10. I wound up buying a offcut without proper labelling the tail end had a little white which means to the colour code possible S7, W1, 17-4ph the hints I can give: its precision ground, 1" round and has no rust. I paid for it like it's s7 so it was 30$ for about 10" all three are useful for tools, when i am forging that, I'll know if it's W1 if it doesn't air harden. Like 17-4ph and S7 should it become air hardening, S7 is impact resistant and 17-4 ph is not the best as a hotforging tool. Should I start in the direction of a struck top tool, a large drift, or chasing
  11. Dearest Frank, On the material; I searched Frank, I have been fortunate to have the O1 for these tools; my intention, imagine I'm elated by the Physical copy of hammers blow 25 is to use any information to make my own set. Thirteen months as a blacksmith I am going to make these tools. From what I accrued, (2 lengths 5-1/4"x1") (3 lengths 4-3/16"x7/8")(11 lengths 4-1/2"x3/4") O1 I Looked at tools from pieh, they were 4.5" long. The plan is use: Tom Latane's tool shapes, Taper both sides toward robust center, I find them to be appealing. The issue and stopping point; I'm at, is what
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