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38mm 1045 tubes


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I have access to some 1045.  38mm od and about 5 or 6mm thick.  

Have some solid stock about .865 dia and about 12-14 inches long.  Will be using those to walk my son through intro knife making.  Only use I can think of for the tubes is to flatten into an oval and use to buffer the heat of the forge for some nice easy soak time without worrying about oxidation.  

Seems like a bit of a waste for decent hardenable steel.  Any other ideas for the tubing?  

Both shown in the picture. 


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cut sections and weld them onto angle iron to make bending jigs.  

Slit a piece and stick in a higher carbon steel and make san mai blades from it.

Try making cannister damascus with a decent steel cannister as was discussed here recently.

Wind chimes to drive your neighbors crazy.


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A little cutting and grinding would turn out some easy fast wood gouges for a fast buck. 

It'd be fun to look around for mild steel tubing that would fit smoothly over it then fill it with interesting bits and bobs of different steels and canister weld it up. How about flatten it with a piece of mild in it, weld it up for a san mai billet. Inside out san mai maybe or is it the samari that has the soft core?

Oh heck, take some to the next club meeting and sell or trade.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I love it when I read the responses and think, yep, makes perfect sense now that someone else said it.  

Will give them all a try and see how it turns out.  

The cz26 is interesting.  I believe most of these are friction welded to solid stock on one end.  And the second end is already threaded internally though it is probably difficult to see from the photos.  

Actual dims are 1.5" od(38mm) 1.08" id(27.4mm) .0.212 thick(5.38mm). End has internal thread for a m30x1.5.   

Has a hole drilled near each end, but could easily be plugged to do some canister.  The cz26 made me think this would be cute for a little 1" ball cannon.  

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I was thinking more about the little noise makers with blanks, not one to actually fire a ball.  But I would test to failure if I ever decided to play with the idea.  


Never done anything with gun building, so would have to really spend some time researching first for that route.  


Getting some ideas for the smaller part inside the larger part, then forged welded and shaped into a peen.  Cutting a pattern in to the outer tube to expose the cavity between....  Might work. Might be a disaster.  

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