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Guillotine tool assembly - help requested

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Hey folks,

I was gifted a g2-style guillotine tool last weekend. The catch? It's never been assembled and I've never been in the same room as one of this design. The attached photo is every piece I received. 

Anybody out there have some diagrams of this going together?

Thanks in advance.



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It's not all there. You have the frame and top die. It doesn't look like all the holes are there but maybe the bottom one on the left is covered by something. The 4 holes at the top of the C frame guide or hold the guide for the top die. I don't see a structure to hold the bottom die though, just 2 pins would let it wobble that would be bad. 

I think someone started to build the thing but couldn't figure it out and gave up. 

Do you have shop tools? A saber saw, drill motor, better yet a drill press? A welder would be primo. A guillotine tool is a very simple and easy tool to make. There are plans on the web if you look. I've never heard of a G-2 but I didn't use anyone else's plans.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I agree with Frosty, there's not enough parts shown to assemble a guillotine tool.  If you're already on the hook to fabricate some parts for it, I'd recommend you base the die dimensions on stock you can easily get.

I went with 1-1/2" x 1/2" cold-rolled mild bar stock for my dies.  I case-harden the working faces and the struck end of the top die.

Be advised that the larger you make the dies, the more inertia they have to remain in place.  Smaller dies transfer your hammer blow more efficiently.

My top dies are around  6-7" long and I've found that it takes a decent whack with a 6lb hammer to move metal about the same amount as a free hand blow with a 2lb cross pein.

It's a handy tool, but after using it, I can see why light and springy clapper dies are popular for a lot of the same functions.

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Frosty and Rockstar, I was afraid of that (not all there). I've got a decent drill press, assorted other tools, and as of late I'm tinkering with electric welding. Since I've got a substantial start on the tool, I'll see what I can make of it. Who doesn't like a good puzzle, right?

Still open to suggestions. Thank you for what you've given me thus far.

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