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4 pound rounding hammer


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Well it took a while, but I finally made my first rounding hammer. Also took some time to make the needed tools (cupping tool, drift, eye slitter, top and bottom fullers) I also did a lot of reading this winter to figure out what alloy to use and the heat treatment process, but with some help of others I figured out what to use to harden it. 4340 steel, hickory handle 

Open to any constructive criticism







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EJ I used 5 gallons of vegetable oil, threw a couple hot RR  spikes  in it first to get it warm. Honestly quenching it made me pretty nervous, but the oil never even got to the point of smoking, so no problem there.

John thanks lol! I've never put anything on my boots other than a few coats of water proofing spray

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For the temper I ran it to the first, dullest red I could see in the shade. I hardened and tempered each head separately. After I had the one face hardened and tempered I wrapped the finished side with an old cut up t-shirt kept in place with wire. I made sure to keep the shirt wet while bringing it up to and soaking it in heat....it's got a nice bounce off the anvil, so the HT took!

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