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acetylene fueled forge?

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I was reading another forum and someone claimed they've used Acetylene for their forge. My understanding of the post was this guy wasn't talking about using a cutting torch to heat steel but building a forge that used Acetylene rather than propane. 

I've never seen plans for such a thing and on it's face it seems less than safe and expensive since you'd need a huge or manifolded tanks for anything other than a tiny forge. 

Just curious if anyone has run across this design. 




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I've never seen such a forge either pretty much for your reasons---hugely more expensive than using propane which is generally much more available world wide. Acetylene is also much more dangerous being able to exothermically dissociate even with no Oxygen present.

Industrially things like fuel oil forges have been used or induction systems or natural gas.

My take is someone is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist in the most costly and dangerous way possible.

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Another example of a YouTube "exspurt". Someone with no more knowledge than how to work a camera and internet connection wanting to make a "name" of themselves. 

You can buy oxy air torches, usually at jewelry maker's supply but they're small for a reason, they're expensive to run but they're a little hotter and much dryer than propane air or hydrogen torches.

My oxy propane torch costs about 2% as much in both oxy and fuel as an equivalent oxy acet rig. There's a good reason not nearly as many companies are manufacturing acetylene anymore.

Frosty The Lucky.

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