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anvil we got yesterday for riveting

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yesterday we got a mole, the working part of a mole plough or subsoiler.

about 3" diameter and 28" long

mostly I get worm out ones to use as part of anvils I have made but john was having problems riveting a reproduction tudor brass kettle, after making some legs for it so it could be held in a vice he found riveting a lot easier.

it is a hard manganese steel and included is a picture of a much smaller worn out oneSAM_1036.JPG.db805e037aa2b866e0339767bb730664.JPGSAM_1033.JPG.c31f2a5a15faecebcfd448d4bb050d53.JPGSAM_1039.thumb.JPG.74d2ef2e0e1839aa06e8e38e9ea6f3cb.JPGSAM_1038.thumb.JPG.6b384df8e4c0772e124a468790f5a861.JPG

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Having the right tool for the job sure speeds up the process and so increases the profit margin.

I collect oddball hammers, buy them cheap at the scrapyard or fleamarket, clean them up and usually replace or reset the handles and put them on the rack(s).  I had one that I hadn't used for over a dozen years but one day when I had a weird riveting job to do inside a hollow form item; it turned out to be the *perfect* shape for the job making it clean fast and easy and not needing to use something like a snarling iron to rivet with.   I do not hold with the "if you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it! school of thought. I do hold with a "duplicate your favorite tools to have a backup incase something happens to the first one".   (Having going on 8 grandkids means I need to have duplicate tools anyway in case any of them want to continue the craft)

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