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I'm a newbie and was fortunate enough to get my great-grandfather's anvil from a family member who had it stored in his garage for the last several decades.  It's a 92# Peter Wright (pictures attached) that I believe he purchased around 1890.  

My question to the group is how/when to repair the top plate and horn point.  Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge!






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Welcome aboard Jack, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the Iforge gang live within visiting distance.

That beautiful old lady doesn't need any repair or restoration. There is plenty of good edge left, just avoid the chipped edges. And most horn points were filed or hammered flat. You haven't experienced a charley horse (cramp) till you walk into a pointed anvil horn. I wouldn't do more than wax or oil the body, mount it on a stand and put her to work. She isn't rusted enough to need a brushing even and hot steel and hammering will put a healthy shine on her face.

That's a SWEET score, a fine usable tool and family heirloom that'll last a couple more generations of good work easy.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm generally in favor of the wire wheel treatment but that old gal needs a dose of hot steel and nothing else! That's great that your family hung on to it and obviously took good care. Get some metal hot and show it who's boss. 


Here's a question for those who know more than I, which is most everyone. If a man took some paint stripper to that anvil, to remove the obvious bits of paint, would that do anything to that beautiful thin layer of rust? Not that it's much or effects use, just curious.

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Leave the paint, its part of its history. I inherited my anvil from my granddad and it has some white paint drips on. I considered cleaning it off but decided to leave it cuz granddad probably dripped the paint on it.

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