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Would This Work as an Anvil?

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This popped up locally, for free, this morning. Apparently, it's a 1,300# safe! I have neither the means, nor the space, to transport & store this beast. I am posting it just to get some feedback on how viable this would be as an anvil?

On an unrelated note: if they are giving it up as scrap, and it was already in the back of a pickup, why didn't they just haul it to a scrap yard themselves? :huh:


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As Das says they're typically concrete or similar filled and that makes them a hassle for a foundry to process so safes don't bring much at the scrapper.

You COULD use it as an anvil but I don't know how it'd perform. If anybody gives one a try please let us know how it works.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Ah, my guess on that: item #1 of 2 was probably the other half of an auction lot. In such situations, one item was desired, and the price was well within it's worth/value. This would make the rest of the lot unnecessary.

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