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  1. Thanks again for the guidance, gents. Yeah, the brand did seem like one I had filed under "HF gambles" in my brain lol. Actually found it on the site right before I fell asleep. At around $100 new, this person wants to sell two used Chinese welders for the price of a new one. I agree: not worth it. If I ever show up to look at used welders that don't wire, I'll make sure to bring my own for testing. Owning a spool of welding wire without a welder to use it in, is better than owning a welder(s) that doesn't work! Cheers.
  2. As someone who has never welded before, I doubt I'd know a good deal if it jumped out & bit me. Two welders have been listed locally, at $100 for both (just the machines, not even wire included) . They are both Chicago Electric, but seem slightly different between the two of them. The intended use will be mostly learning & practice, along with light fabrication, and small to medium sized sculptural pieces when I want to make the wife swoon. Would these be good for learning? What should I ask the seller? Other considerations? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful response!
  3. I left some absentee bids on a couple of anvils, and I'd like some help getting more info on them. The first is a 100# BABCO OAKLAND brand anvil, in really good shape. It was bolted onto a small, purpose built table with pipe legs, so I don't think the "ring test" I did was of much value. The only info I've dug up is a reply on reddit: The other is a 70# (well, maybe a few ounces shy now...) cast anvil with a hefty plate, with edges that have unfortunately been abused. It certainly doesn't ring like a bell. But I would rather have a city anvil. First, I NEED a usable anvil.
  4. Ah, my guess on that: item #1 of 2 was probably the other half of an auction lot. In such situations, one item was desired, and the price was well within it's worth/value. This would make the rest of the lot unnecessary.
  5. Hehe. If I had the means, I'd probably take it off their hands, hire a locksmith to get new lock & keys, then sell it. I suspect a lack of keys to be the reason they are giving it away.
  6. Ah, I'd forgotten about safes using "filler". These comments make sense. Thanks gents!
  7. This popped up locally, for free, this morning. Apparently, it's a 1,300# safe! I have neither the means, nor the space, to transport & store this beast. I am posting it just to get some feedback on how viable this would be as an anvil? On an unrelated note: if they are giving it up as scrap, and it was already in the back of a pickup, why didn't they just haul it to a scrap yard themselves?
  8. Nice! Can't say I'd be mad at having an anvil in the living room "just because". And my wife would probably only complain about it not matching the peacock them of the decor. Lol! Good score. (I know it won't waste away in the house .)
  9. At first glance, I thought the odd rust pattern on the MH may have been from the anvil getting a coat of paint or oil/grease to protect from rust, followed by light use at some point in its life... And then I turned up my screen brightness & zoomed in on the picture. Then something caught my eye. On the side facing the camera, the top-right corner of that side of the anvil: look where the vertical & horizontal rust lines meet. The weld lines are more obvious in that area. What stuck out for me was the gap between the anvil material & the weld material, towards the top of the v
  10. That would explain why you can see the different metals on the side. If they were plated, the coating would likely wear much faster on the two faces. But still, blast welding is neat!
  11. Blast welding would be far too cost prohibitive for coins. Though, I can see how one would come to that conclusion. When you look at the the edge of a quarter, you can often see a distinct line of (silver colored metal substance) and (brown colored metal substance). I'm rusty on my numismatism (spelling?), so I can't swear that its how they do it, but this is normally easily achieved through plating. Sincerely, Crawler.
  12. I too saw it on the 'tube. Though, I thought it was Modern Marvels. Could be wrong on that point, cause I watch all them shows (How its Made, How do They Do It?, Modern Marvels, Surviving The Cut, etc.) Anyway, I thought it was the use of explosions to "sandwich" two dissimilar metals together. Wouldn't thermite do too much melting damage to the lower metal?
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