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Work Space Organization

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My shop is generally "organized":rolleyes: using the crowded chaos, search and or just buy another one plan.

Unfortunately your question is just too random to expect a meaningful answer. What do you wish to do in your shop, how large is it, how many and what kinds of tools and equipment do you have. Utilities or do you have a time period you wish to work in.

We need details, I can be other than silly if it's possible to give meaningful replies and suggestions.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Organized?  My shop has been put under the curse of some evil witch:  Whatever tool I am looking for is never where I left it.  They grow little legs and move while my back is turned.  The more desperate I am for a specific tool at that time, the better it has hidden itself.

Seriously, though--it's not so much about how to organize but about habits involved with getting things back into the designated place when you are done.  You can have the latest and greatest storage and organization but it's useless without those habits.  I don't have them.  I have that "Squirrel!" thing and put the tool down where I was working.  On a good day I remember where that was.  As I age those days seem to be spaced farther apart.

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Well in general as I have 2 shops separated by 200 miles I always know where a needed tool is at----it's at the other shop!

I have shelves and tool racks along the walls of my main shop and try to have *everything* out where it's visible. Anything hidden doesn't exist.  Of course keeping track of the forging hammers, armouring hammers and nonferrous hammers in 3 separate racks in 3 separate areas is difficult.

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Yeah guess it would help if i was more specific. Im talking about a small knife shop im using my side porch till i get my shop moved and set back up .Ive 10 different projects going and i know if i can organize/put stuff back ill be able to get things done faster20170517_022016.thumb.jpg.b877669475fedfb8d2ce2e432d616bda.jpg

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A set of shelves with lidded plastic tubs on them with each project having their own tub and then a tub for each material types---wood handle material, antler handle material, etc.

Several garden rake tines mounted on the wall above the workbench with the basic tooling placed in their slots. (I use golf balls on my files so that works great to hang them on one. But the tools go OFF the workbench but clearly visible. I do NOT like magnetized tool holders at all!   Too much steel dust/swarf in a knife shop and I do NOT like magnetized tools!

Some of the larger pegboard mounted to the wall with various pegs to hold other tools. I have found a lot of great pegs for 1/4" hole pegboard at the fleamarkets over the years that will hold most of the hand tools I use in knifemaking.

Note that you will need lidded tubs for each buffing wheel and compound---they can be stored together---the wheel and the compound for it But each one should be in a separate container.  File folders for abrasive paper, again each one stored separately.

Better lighting.

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On May 16, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Kozzy said:

Organized?  My shop has been put under the curse of some evil witch:  Whatever tool I am looking for is never where I left it.  They grow little le

My tools are the larval stage of scrap. They go and hide somewhere to form a chrysalis and when that bursts they have turned to scrap.

In my opinion it is very important to assign a place for every item. This hammer goes to this place and that goes to that ALWAYS!!

Confusion my place is the result of stuff that does not have an assigned place. Those items are always in the way or rather always in the wrong place.

What you do use for storage is of secondary importance. I keep chisels on magnetic kichen knife hangers and stock in an old fireworks bow - you know the one with cardboard tubes. Things with holes like files go onto nails in the wall and so on and so forth..  

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