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Disgruntled customer


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Good afternoon  friends 

Just thought I'd pass this along.  I've been buying most of my knife supplies from usa knife for awhile now and the past 3 sets of scales on separate orders all said they were stablized wood in the description. None of them were even close to being coated with anything, in fact I just received a set of black ash scales, upon first observing I noticed they were as light as a feather and still felt like dried wood, and when I was shaping them on the sander I had to open the door to let the dust out of the room. At 30-40  dollars a pop plus shipping I would like to receive what I ordered. I'm just funny that way.  I got them soaking in linseed oil right now hopping I can salvage this project. Especially since this was a money job.     Just my 2 cents, needed to vent a little. 

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Everyone makes a mistake sooner or later.  Reach out to them as a partner helping them fix a problem rather than as an adversary, and they may well go above and beyond to make it right. 

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