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To Coat or Not to Coat Purchased Forge ?


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Hello to all,

I recently purchased a Diamondback 2-Burner Blacksmith Forge, looking forward to using it but I want to get the longest, most efficient life out of it !

My question is about coating the inside with a UV Reflective Coating !

Note:  I will be using Metrikote as suggested by a number of members of this Site !

How do you determine if the new Forge needs a coating on the inside ?

How do you determine if you need to fill in any spacing between bricks and edges between sides and floor, before coating the insides ?

What if there is a different insulating material on the walls, larger main door, and the floor, do you use the same coating material ?

Sorry for all of the questions but I am getting excited about using the new Forge and want to do it right and yes being a newbie, I tend to go overboard very fast on what to do !

Thanks for your time,


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I read through the "Forge101" Thread, a lot of info and a lot over my understanding level but this thread goes into building, building, building, good info don't get me wrong but not a lot about a pre-made Forge Lining.

I can extrapolate and use what I think is right OR ask the experts on this site, which I am doing !

My status now is buying some Metrikote and going to apply it to everything inside of the forge.

Also wondered about sealing the seams in the floor.

Thanks to any and all for info that will get me to a forge that will last longer than one that is not treated.


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