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I Forge Iron

New guy from Ohio.


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Hi all. My name is Jon and I hale from South east Ohio.

I live right across the river from Wheeling WVa.

I have an interest in all things old school and blacksmithing fits.

I am still gathering the things I need to build a forge and some tools.

Do to medical problems I cannot stand for long periods and will have to adapt things to work from my wheel chair.

I do not think this will be a problem.

I found a smith on utube that chooses to work seated. He is an American expat that lives in Tiwan.

I dont post much but I read a lot.

Thanks for allowing me to join.


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Welcome aboard Jon, glad to have you. You got ONE thing backwards already silly new guy. thank YOU for joining us, you don't need permission everybody who can keep a civil tongue in their mouth is welcome here. Not allowed, welcome.

Many if not most smiths in the 3rd. world work seated or squatting. (shudder) A lot of vets and otherwise disabled folk practice the blacksmith's craft. A little basic set up and tweaks as you go will see you in a plenty workable space. I have a pretty close friend who can't stay on his feet long and he practices the craft when it's warm enough. It's just a matter of making the space fit you.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Get a good leather apron to wear, probably with a split so you can snug up to the anvil stand and definitely look into a powerhammer; many folks in Europe drive them sitting down.  One of the SOFA guys (Ed Rhodes SP???) used to make small ones that would sit on the anvil to help out with hammering for folks that were getting old enough to need some...

I once toured the Hanging Rock regions old iron smelting ruins when I was down that way for the Ironmasters Conference they held in Athens.

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