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The big problem is that there isn't "brass"; there are hundreds of alloys of brass: some will hot forge, some will not; some will cold forge, some will not, some will cast well, some will not; some (a few) contain quite toxic elements (Be); thankfully most do not.

So unless you know what you actually have you end up having to experiment to see what it will do.

Note that bearing alloys may contain lead and spark proof tooling may contain Be---DO NOT MESS WITH Be CONTAINING ALLOYS!

So for casting I would suggest searching for backyard metal casting sites.

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You lucky guys!

I'd be pleased if I had any of your brass scraps. I've melted a bit down over the years, mostly old plumbing stuff. I'd avoid breathing any of the fumes, no matter what the alloy is. Zinc was what we mostly worried about. What diameter are the rods? Gee, you'd think if the stuff was being machined it'd be alright. Of course you're right, copper would be safer and beautiful too! It's just too soft for a lot of applications. Would either of you be willing to cut some of the brass stuff up and fill a flat rate priority mail box for us in Hawaii? We'd be please to pay a fair price.

Thanks, Phil

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lol well if it's really that hard to find that you'd pay the crazy shipping i bought it from an old junk yard near where i live the guy has 40 or 50 old brass rods that were to be machined there about 3 inchs in diameter and 4 feet long and weigh ALOT and for 2 dollars a pound i'm not sure it's worth it

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Is that $2 per lb for the brass or for the shipping? The flat rate priority mail box is less than $9. It can weigh up to 70 pounds and still the same flat rate. But if you paid/need $2 per pound for the brass, you're probably right, I couldn't afford much. I might have to take my words back, maybe I can't pay a fair price. Do you have a band saw? Could you cut into 1 foot lengths to fit in the box?

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search query "cartridge brass"

Principal Design Features
Brasses (Copper-Zinc Alloy), Cartridge Brass, 70%. C26000 has the highest ductility in the yellow brass series. Easily machined but is more often cold formed.more

This alloy standard is not simply a piece of metal - it is an identified piece of metal - a documentation of color, name, and available forms. It is a definitive document that makes your metal specification strong. WIth this document you can definitively color match your metal designs with the rest of your project. (ect see link ;)

Brass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cartridge brass is a 30% zinc brass with good cold working properties.

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Would you have to pop out the primers of each one before melting them down?

depends, do you like excitement? :P

(sorry if that was serious question, spent primers should pose little issue, the percentage of possible contaminant is small but then I havent done that and have been known to be wrong)
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