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I Forge Iron

Hi from Scotland

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Hi everyone. Been wanting to try blacksmithing for a while. Found an anvil recently which will need to sit pretty till i get a couple of big projects out of the way.

I'm in the West of Scotland near Glasgow.

I'll post some pics of my new (old) anvil shortly for any comments from you all.

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I always wanted too look into getting my family tartan for some reason i like the idea of standing at My forge in a kilt. But i would have to know for a fact that it was my family tartan. Welcome to the site, you've already done well to let us know your general location, that helps us help you. Not sure of your skill level, but people are going to tell you to pack a lunch and read till you can't anymore, then read some more.  Then start hammering, you will know right away if the bug has bitten. Good luck and stay safe.

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Welcome aboard JK, glad to have you. We've a few Scotts on Iforge, hopefully close enough to visit. You'll learn more in a couple hours working with an experienced smith than days maybe weeks trying to figure it out yourself.

We love pictures too: projects, tools, equipment, shop, kids, pets, landscapes, well just about anything you'd show a young child you didn't want to have to explain.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Edit: Skill level: pre-beginner.

Thanks for the replies folks. My family tartan is a bit garish so I opted for a more utilitarian looking tartan when I bought my kilt! And despite the idea of fresh air 'circulating', it's a very warm garment to wear normally.

Great advice on reading and spending time with an expert - hopefully I will get to that, but probably later in the year or next year realistically. I bought an anvil from a local seller when I had the chance, but no forge yet. And some other big projects to complete this year.

For any locals, I did see that the Academy of historical arts ( http://www.academyofhistoricalarts.co.uk/glasgow/blacksmithing-in-glasgow.php ) offer beginners courses, but I'm thinking a real life working black smith might be better. Would you agree?

Here's a picture of the anvil I got - Peter Wright 276 lb (125kg). I don't know a whole lot about it yet, but it seemed to be in reasonable condition when I collected it. It rings without any obvious dull/dead spots.


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hello. I've just signed up aswell. based in Dundee. looking for every kind of advice haha. I completed a basics and beginers course with Bob oaks in Lincolnshire, and worked with another blacksmith over the summer holidays in school. but that was a good few years ago. I got an anvil on a well timed ebay auction for close to nothing. I recently got a hankering to play, so built a basic forge and spent a few weekends hammering away.

all the best

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Hi folks, just reading this old post -- it looks almost bang-on 3 years to the day that i finally got a forge built and started swinging a hammer! Had it going for one week now, and managed to make a working set of tongs! I'll post a couple of pictures.

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