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  1. Oh man, I am one happy camper.... I know that many of you are proponents of the TPAAAT method, but I have discovered a better method that I call the MaOBHG method. Marry an Online Bargain Hunting Goddess method. She is truly amazing. Ok, down to the details... 100# Fisher, pretty good shape. My bride found it less than 20 miles away on Facebook swap shop. She has been searching auctions/ Craigslist/ Facebook for months with a multi hundred mile radius.... she refuses to tell me how much, but less than $4 per pound. The top is speckled, but no major dents. There is so
  2. Sorry for the delay in response, sir! I plan to do a little of everything. I want to do some artsy stuff, but also am setting up to do knives. I wasn't planning on whitewashing the walls, at least until I close off the front. It's very open and well ventilated missing that 4th wall! I would like, someday to do gates and such, but we shall see how the skill develops. Not sure why the anvil orientation suggests amputation? Is it that the horn is pointing at one of the forges? Thanks again, all, for the help!
  3. 3rd Armored Cavalry, here. Old OH-58 crewchief. Was turning in my dental records to ETS when I watched the plane hit the second tower live. I missed all of that! Thank you for your COMBAT time service, my friend!
  4. My grandfather's family is form the Glasgow/Paisley area. Tannehill, part of the Boyds, I'm told. Our tartan is rather garish as well, but my wife bought me a wonderful ancient kilt in it for my birthday a few years ago. Actually wearing it in my profile pic.
  5. This is pretty funny. I had a friend with a Thing in my Army days, definitely a unique car. Tim's little honda has a 2 cylinder motorcycle engine, max speed of 65. In other words, perfect for a 16 year old. It's even funnier that he is 6'2", so he looks ridiculous in it.
  6. That is my son's car. He bought it with his detassling money last year, when he was 15. It's a 1972 Honda A600. First Honda sold in the US. It needs a LOT of work! I do have my 5 gal water bucket, and I keep a small can of water by the anvil for cooling punches and chisels. Thanks for the input!
  7. OK, ladies and gentlemen, I have permission from the boss lady to build my shop. I have a decent space, 21'x20', though it does need some work. It's going to take some time to clear out the space (yes, that is a car hood on the ground, there is actually two...), and then level it out. THe building itself needs some shoring up, but I already have a roof and two walls! I think I will leave the floor dirt, but sink some concrete pillars to support the beam hammer, anvil and vice stands. I have 220 available in the building, so I will be able to install any electrical I need. I am planning t
  8. Hey all, I'm brand new here! My name is Rick, hailing from Beaver Crossing, NE. I've been fiddling around with smithing for a couple of years, now. I got into it, because the boys in my Trail Life troop wanted to do the Blacksmithing Trail Badge, and I said, "What the heck!" I built my first forge out of a bar sink, lining it with fire brick and home made refractory. I used an air mattress pump with an inline butterfly valve as an air source, and I was hooked. I have since purchased a proper bench coal forge, and built a side hood for it. (I still use the air mattress pump, boy is it no
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