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Old-ish post, but in case it's still relevant, a buddy of mine bought one of these, and uses it only occasionally, couple times a week at the most. After 2 or three weeks, he said the fan is beginning to grind against the housing and it's becoming more difficult to crank. I recommend against it. Try to find an old champion blower, or make one yourself if possible. Mine is made from an old blower out of an oil furnace, a couple belts and pulleys to give me about a 10:1 crank ratio from hand to fan (one rotation at the hand is 10 at the fan) some 1/2" rod as axles, and a 1/2" rod bent into a handle. 2x4 frame. Its kind of backwoods engineering, but it gets me up to forge welding temp easily. Just my two cents.

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