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question about my new leg vise


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I just picked up this leg vise at a small local auction and came from the Kneeland-Bigelow Lumber Company in Bay City Michigan.. it has a Indian with a headdress facing to the left and what looks to say "Warrior" under the Indian and 65 under that..  they can't be seen in the photos.. the jaws are 4 3/4"...  I've read that there are vises that are called Indian Chief and have also read that Canedy-Otto made some vises with a Indian logo on them.. does any one know of a Indian logo with " Warrior " underneath ??? JT







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Sorry I can't be specific. The vise has the appearance of a Columbian. Some early Columbians had chamfered legs and some had chamfered pivot beams, as yours does. The screw box shape and triangular mount look to be Columbian. I don't know why an Indian Warrior is on there.

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good morning Frank and John ! thank you for you help. I have some running I have to do today but I will try to photo the Indian Warrior image and put it on here so you can see what I see.. JT

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