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I was acquiring pieces for a forge and found this one at the local auction where I have been posting photos of abused anvils that have been showing up and selling for way to much... Its a buffalo Forge fire pot and electric blower . its in very good condition compared to most I've seen..it looks bigger in person then in the photos.. its 30" X 35" X 32" high... I think I got a good deal at $335.63 including fees and tax..  









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 thank you both !!    Thomas,  I see that Centaur Forge Vulcan Fire Pots are $379.95 and one from Blacksmiths Depot is $395.00  !! and I know Blowers can get pricey as well.

I was able to just pick up this Champion 400 blower at the same auction for $172.00 .. it turns over very smoothly..




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27 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

In case you don't know already: to remove the gear cover on that model you remove the two bolts at the end of the cover and then *slide* the cover up the slope of the bottom piece until the internal pieces disengage and you can lift it off.

HA !! I just watched a YouTube video of that Thomas !! thank you for the info !!  

21 minutes ago, Frank Turley said:

I started in 1964 ordering my Buffalo firepot, new!. I really like the tuyere valve with the rectangular hole, helps centralize the hot spot of the fire.

thank you for that info Frank !! as I'm new to this and its my first Forge !! I think I found a fine Forge by the comments  !! JT

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well thank you for sharing your knowledge Thomas its well appreciated !! JT  

thank you C-1ToolSteel !! I'm getting my ducks in order and closer to pounding some hot steel !! :D

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Have to see which type of ball clinker breaker it is. 

Lips on the side of the firepot is to allow you to fill the base it with clay or firebrick to protect a cast iron forge from cracking.

Opposed indents are to allow you to put stock into the fire horizontally at different depths of the fire. 

Get that fellow over there to take a look at it and tell you if it's any good. (Smiths are usually willing to help new folks, Shoot I was dragged away from Quad-State one evening to vet a power hammer for a friend.)

Heartland of Belgium?  (Over 100 countries participate here in these forums on the World WideWeb!)

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