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Finally up and running


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I started building this gas forge in December 2015 and it got mostly done with the exception of the mortar and paint.  Now Feb 2017 it has got those two items completed and has been put to use.

It even cooks lunch while cooling down. Started with corn finished with a few snags.








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Nice workmanship on the forge, she's beautiful. Being as you're using a commercial burner my first thought that the burner tube is WAY too long doesn't count. The commercial burner intake and jets are much stronger inducers than our home builds.

I do have one safety based suggestion though. Using pipe to attach the gas line rather than hose makes it vulnerable to someone tripping on the hose and breaking the pipe. 

Of course how you have it arranged in the shop can put the gas lines and tank out of anybody's path so the longish pipe nipple on the burner wouldn't be an issue at all.

Nice work, well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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