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Anodized titanium


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Hey guys so I have been playing around anodizing and heat coloring titanium and titanium texture tech. Ok so we all know anodizeing and heat  coloring will wear fairly quickly. So I started playing around with ways to protect it, I have tried a couple different clear spray paints, and even brushable poly acrylic stuff. So some worked better than others but all seemed to dull the shine of the coloring. Even with glossy stuff. At first I was reluctant to try glossy stuff thinking it would make it to glossy but it did quite the opasat. I am wondering if any one has found a decent solution or if any one has ideas for something to try....THANKS

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really? huh I was told they wear of eailly. I haven't been using titanium long enough to really know. But I did a test thinking it would speed up the time a bit and rubbed it with my hands for a bit then inside a t shirt thinking it would simulate a knife being in your pocket. and I figured it would wear like heat colored steel. its still there but it did wear a bit..but again I guess I forced it but I figured if I could make it wear like that in a hour it would wear on its own in a couple weeks. I just started carrying one with heat colored titanium texture tech ill see how long it takes to wear

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Hi there, it is all about compromise(like always..)

For example:...on Titanium jewellery the colors seem to stay forever......on  Titanium blades there is, (if they will be used)always heavy friction while cutting, so.....it is quite obvious which one is prone to wear off or which one lasts longer, right?

There are two common ways(maybe more) to color Titanium, anodizing and heat coloring.I prefer the heat coloring, You don"t need special equipment except a Butan gas flame and some degreaser.

While the anodizing makes it easier to catch the blue color the heat variation gives better yellow, bronce to violet colors, which I like more.

Mostly there are 5 different kinds of Titanium, from butter-soft to springy hard, and they all coloring a bit different, especially in time of the Titanium reacting to the heat. 

I think a good example are the liners of a folder. I use 6AL4V  because of its toughness on small threads(like M2) and its stability to stay straight.

Good example is my personal folder which I use every day.I shot a pic of the butt with its most worn down spot to give evidence that it is a real used one.

Folder is about 3 years old and You can see that the colored Titanium holds on really well.

Coatings can be done but with less or more success. In my opinion coatings look cheap, distorting colors and wearing off very fast but..... taste can not be argued:)



Resize of DSC04784.JPG

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