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Ideas on how to turn this into an Anvil Like Object

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So I was at my local scrap yard when I found these, I think counterweights. I have 3 of them they are about 7" across and 5" tall. one has an edge that looks like it chipped off. They are 86#'s each and I would like to turn them into something I can bang on. But I am unsure how to best utilize these. should I just face them and stick them as is into a stump. should I try to weld 2 or 3 of them together. So come to you guys for some ideas. How would you use them.




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Are they steel or cast iron? If they are steel I would just mount one up to a stump, smooth the surface, maybe flatten one edge, radius the edges and get hammering. If they are cast iron they are good for counter weights. 

If it works as an anvil, and functions like an anvil, it's an anvil. 

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32 minutes ago, Tubalcain2 said:

if it were me i would chamfer the edges and weld one atop the other. 

You really don't want to stack them as it will affect the rebound. 

At 85lbs you could easily use one alone. I'd round the edges over a little bit and mount it in a "stump" and use it. I can't see how nice the flats are so I might want to smooth it a little but wouldn't get too carried away.

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Yeah I could see if they were big pins or something like that. As to the flat they are dead flat. I think I am going to radius the edges and the one that has the chip I will make a flat on that edge. Stands? Just put in a stump or if I have some scrap angle make out out that?  

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