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T-burner (Frosty) wind screen


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My smithy is outdoors, in my back yard, under a maple tree.  I've noticed that when the wind is blowing in the right direction, it takes all the exhaust gas coming out of the mouth of the forge and blows it up into the air intake of my T-burner (Frosty burner) which makes it sputter and flame out.  If the forge is up to temperature, you just turn off the gas and when you turn it back on again, you're back in business.  That got to be a bit annoying, so I noodled on how I could shield the air intake on the Frosty burner, coming up with all sorts of  very complicated solutions.  Finally inspiration hit, and I took the metal lid from a popcorn can (they're popular at Christmastime in the USA), punched four holes with a nail, took some hanger wire and wired it up to the Frosty burner.

Thus far, the wind isn't causing my burner to sputter out any more


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A couple thoughts: If your forge is positioned in line with the wind it'll blow heat OUT of your forge, I try to position mine at 90* to help mitigate wind. A Christmas season popcorn tin lid to shield a "Frosty burner and you couldn't find one with a picture of Frosty?!" <_<

Some people, SHEESH!

Frosty The Lucky.

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You're getting off easy. The air openings on his design leans into shielding as a solution. Also, you appear to live in an area where the when blows in a predictable direction. In Seattle it tends to keep shifting until your hair falls out. It was always that way in the Aleutians too (only much worse). Mikey just HATES wind.

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You know the wind regularly comes from a predictable direction if they look like the attached image :D

However your forge would become more efficient if you put it in a 1/4 drum ie. 44gal halved anb then halved in the opposite direction

blown tree.jpg

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23 minutes ago, bigb said:

Here ya go


And I still can't get my hands dry!

Frosty The Puddle.

20 hours ago, jcornell said:

For you, Frosty, I'll try to find another lid. :unsure: I usually buy my popcorn tins by how large they are, not by the picture on the outside, although I'm a sucker for kettle corn - caramel corn coming a distant second.

This time of year the popcorn tins have Christmassie pics on them: snowmen, Santas, reindeer, sleighs, snow covered . . . everythings, religious, etc. The creepiest was a tin that was just Frosty's head, it looked positively sinister. 

I've tried a bunch of different wind screens and the best one on the shop forge was an open topped tin box. the new ribbon burners seem less susceptible but I haven't run it a lot yet, it's just too cold to haul my curmudgeonly old butt out to the shop, especially on windy days.

The Ts have always been susceptible to breezes, a down check for sure.

Frosty The Lucky.

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