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  1. I'll be at that one for sure. It's my birthday weekend so I'm excluded from being called in.
  2. Not making it to the meeting. But I will bring my new baby to the next one. 2 weeks left until it shows up
  3. For blades a and tools have you thought about micro forges?
  4. Dang. I'm on call this weekend so I don't know if I can make it. I'll try.
  5. Looks great.
  6. I should be at the march meeting. when is it?
  7. My though is build a metal stand out of square tubing and us a smaller diameter tubing to go inside it to make it taller. I'm not sure how to make it shorter yet.
  8. One of these days I will have all three. By the time I do have all three I'll have a space for all three
  9. So do I but I always wake up with my back hurting. Haha
  10. Well I have a 300lbs rail anvil I made that I use for long pieces that need straightening out. It's just to big for normal work. The only problem I have with getting this nimba anvil is that I'm going to have to wait until around June to get it. They have to finish making it and ship it up to alaska.
  11. I have a large diameter pipe with 6x12 wooden center beam laying on it. I think it's about time to get something more stable.
  12. I'm planning on building a full Metal stand for it.
  13. After over a year at staring at the nimba anvils on the website. I put in an order today for a 120lbs titan! No more used anvils for me!
  14. Awesome. Do we have a price yet?
  15. Well I looked through a lot of posts about the nimba. I couldn't find anything about the 120lbs titan.