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  1. I'll have to try that. Thanks.
  2. Any tips on getting anthracite coal to light easier I fought it for about 45min before it would ignite.
  3. I was thinking flexible aluminum dryer vent hose. If I can find it small enough.
  4. It's the same size as the pipe.
  5. Haha yea I realized the can was there. After I shut the forge off. That could've been bad. The forge seems pretty stable though. I use propane mainly but I've always wanted to play with coal. Just have to tweak with this forge a bit. Propane is easier but coal is more fun.
  6. I like that idea for the paddle. But I need connect to the pipe first. I have to hold it onto the pipe.
  7. Managed to get a free coal forge and 15 gal of non smithing coal. It burns and heats metal just a pain to get started. And a free electric blower. Still needs an air gate but it works.
  8. Tripod style square tubing with angle iron to hold the anvil steady.
  9. It has a loud but beautiful ring to it. Need to build a stand for it now.
  10. I'm having a hard time dealing with it being flat and nice edges. I don't know how to use those. We can hit her anytime!
  11. Well I got one picture to upload.
  12. Well I finally got it can't play with it today. Dads birthday. but as promised here are a few pics. Well the site won't let me upload pictures for some reason. But I'll try agian tonight.
  13. It showed up Monday but there was a problem with the shipping payment from nimba. So I've been getting phone calls from both the last 2 days. All I wanted was the anvil it's so close I could smell it.
  14. Anvil finally got here! But I have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up from the shipping yard. I will post pics of her when I get her home.
  15. 9am until the fires die off