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Decorative Twists

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Could anyone give me some information on how various chisel cuts (and other things that I can't think of right now) affect a twist? It seems like I have seen a website, or in a book something about this, so if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me some information I would be grateful.


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Gday Hollon,

check out the pics in Uri Hofi's gallery. He posted a lot of different twist photos, many of which include chisel work or fullering before the twist. Most of the pics also have an explaination of what he did and the stock sizes.

That should give you a good idea of the effects.

Brisbane, Oz.

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since you have to proceed to the next page to find reference to these
then search for them...

BP0349 Twisting Wrench
BP0481 Cube Twist
BP0250 Pineapple or Briar Twist
BP0248 Old Twisters
BP0231 Ear of Wheat
BP0214 Twisted Basket
BP0144 Twisted Handles
BP1031 Step Twist
BP1029 Twist 03
BP1028 Twists 02
BP1027 Twist 01


I do alot of twisting at work, but most of it is exceptionally simple, except the part where I need to make 250 of em :P
the more complex twists are similar to the Twisted Handles tutorial, only the composites of elements you bundle together varies considerably

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my dad and i made a picket twister from a gravely cultivater pto about 15yrs ago, it has a lathe head for clamping and a deadstop.you heat the bar stock up using rosebud and hand crank, works really well, makes really neat patterns going in forward then reverse and repeating.if you texture or fuller 1st then it really gets fun. any tool u can make can pattern the metal proir to twisting.any mark u make prior to twististing weakens the metal in that area.thats where practice and experimentation comes in .thanks, Gary

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jeremy -

yeah.... well, its large diameter threaded round rod, i think some call it acme thread, that i just forged square and twisted. the kind of stuff thats in a vise or screw jack. i really like to mess with salvaged steel. one more tip if you try it is to try twisting both directions - one "pops" more than the other.


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